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Five Ways to Reduce Costs

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As we close out 2016, many of us are finalizing plans for 2017 and beyond. Indeed, budgeting for 2017 was likely completed months ago with an eye toward flexibility as we move into the New Year. It’s with this in mind—and conversations with clients over the past few months—that a practical look at easy ways an association can reduce costs is timely. The below encompasses options to save money both in short- and long-term endeavors and can be implemented to varying degrees at any time of the year.

Spring Cleaning

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As we near the first official day of spring, I’m struck by the deluge of “Spring Cleaning” offers popping up in my inbox. The sheer volume of ‘time to clean!’ reminders has forced me take stock of my surroundings. After tidying up a few things here and there I turned my attention to client storage. No, I’m not talking about the various boxes of tradeshow booths, tchotchkes, and general paperwork neatly labeled and organized in a back room.