Reen Presnell

CEO, VTM Group

As CEO, Reen oversees strategic management and direction-setting for VTM Group, the $13 million-plus global marketing, communications, and consulting firm serving many of the world’s most influential and successful technology alliances and industry associations. In addition, he serves as COO of VTM Group parent company, Vital Enterprises.

During his nearly 20 years at VTM, Reen has directly supported the efforts of numerous technical consortia by providing marketing and operational services as well as policy and strategic direction-setting. He has served in titled positions within several initiatives to include Executive Director and Ad-interim Chairman, and continues to serve as Executive Director of the PCI-SIG, a 700 plus member company international specification body. Reen has held this role since 2007, previously serving as Associate Executive Director from 2004. Reen is also on the Board of the Portland Police Foundation and is active in the 18th Infantry Regiment Association and local Veterans' organizations.

Reen earned an MBA from the University of Portland with an emphasis in Global Business and Marketing, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in both Marketing and Management from Southern Oregon University.