VTM Advantage

VTM Group brings companies together to move technology forward. We deliver the tools, best known methods, and neutral support crucial for standard-setting organizations (SSOs) and technical consortia to succeed. Read our FAQ page to find answers to common questions about VTM, the SSO industry, and ways to engage with us. 

Drivers in Collaboration. Bringing diverse, even competing, entities together to work towards a common goal is at the heart of what VTM does. By acting as neutral, third-party mediators, VTM Group helps consortia set common, agreed upon goals with crystal-clear processes. We are experts in driving programs forward while motivating members to engage and seek consensus. 

Scalable & Flexible Services. One of the many benefits of working with VTM is our scalable and flexible engagement models. Whether you need help with a single event or full infrastructure support, VTM Group is here to help. We offer outsourced, a la carte services to supplement existing staff; one-time project support; or dedicated teams to act as your organization’s workforce. Just tell us your challenge, and we will work with your team to customize the right support solution. We can scale up or down based on your group’s needs. 

Setting High Standards. For over 20 years, VTM has tailored our tools and service to best support standard-setting alliances and technical consortia. We understand the standards industry, best known methods to proliferate a standard, and how to drive the necessary programs forward to help it become de facto. We also have the engineering, marketing, and administrative experience to build successful compliance, certification and interoperability programs.

Alliance Lifecycle Management. VTM has vast experience managing the entire lifecycle of an association from initial inception through standard development and certification to mass product launch.  We integrate the people, processes, and systems to provide the backbone for alliances at any point of the way.

See how these advantages have proven success for our clients.