VTM Supports Successful Launch of Memory Technology Consortia

The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC) is a working group made up of industry leaders who build, design-in or enable Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) technology. The group works to innovate and expand the capabilities of the next generation of memory-based solutions. The consortium seeks to facilitate HMC integration into a wide variety of systems, platforms and applications by defining an adoptable industry-wide interface that allows developers, manufacturers and enablers to leverage their revolutionary technology. Upon the consortium’s launch, HMCC was looking for successful support and administration of the organization, as well guidance to help implement best methods in administration practices and committee support. Additionally, the organization needed an online tool to enable easy collaboration among various member companies. 

HMCC hired VTM to support the organization’s launch as well as provide ongoing administration support. VTM was responsible for maintaining the organization’s website, maintaining business neutrality, providing an online collaboration tool and guiding the organization through many considerations required to grow a successful and active association.

VTM provided excellent administration services and went above and beyond to provide timely responses and solutions to the organization’s needs. VTM was instrumental in the successful launch, and continues to provide value through the ongoing administration of the organization.  VTM Web Services also provided HMCC with a robust online collaboration tool (Causeway), which allowed the organization to collaborate easily with member companies, while providing the ability to protect the privacy of intellectual property and individuals throughout the process. The organization continues to work closely with VTM to continue the success it has achieved to date.

“VTM Group has been instrumental in supporting us with the successful launch and ongoing administration of the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC). The staff at VTM goes above and beyond and is incredibly responsive to our requests. VTM Group has successfully partnered with Micron and our fellow developers to help HMCC become the successful and active consortium it is today.” – Mike Black, Micron Technologies (HMCC Board Member)