What are the advantages of hiring an Association Management Company (AMC)?

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) summarizes the advantages of hiring an AMC perfectly: “An association management company typically manages several associations from one company location, providing a wide range of benefits, including shared technology systems, access to expert specialized staff, and shared purchasing power.”

An AMC also saves time and money when compared to a staffing model. Hiring staff automatically imposes overhead costs and exposes the organization to additional liabilities and risks.  

VTM offers a variety of unique solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. In addition to traditional association management services, we work well with existing staff to provide a blended model with project management and a la carte offerings. Our outsourced HR services provide support for hiring staff in addition to an AMC. 

Our unique dual offerings allow our clients to choose the employment model that works best for their business. In return, our clients can focus on what they do best and deliver industry solutions with less operational overhead.