Top 5 Reasons to Love Working in Association Management

We love to connect with our peers in the association industry! We came upon a blog post from our friends at Managing Matters, Inc. that accurately captures what we love about working in association management and we just had to share. The below was written by Maddy Marchildon, Director of Association Management Services at Managing Matters, Inc.

Reposted with permission from our friends at Managing Matters, Inc.

Our Association Management Team at Managing Matters got together to talk about why we love our jobs – here is what we had to say.

Gaining cross-industry experience: Most of us have worked with a greater variety of individuals across a vast number of sectors than we ever thought possible through Managing Matters. From marketing, to real estate, to law, to photography, the possibilities are endless, and because we are an agency we also have the opportunity to get our feet wet in several areas within the company.

Working with passionate individuals: Not only do we have the opportunity to work within several different professional realms, we are also collaborating with the most passionate individuals in those sectors. These are the people willing to volunteer their own time for the advancement and awareness of their industries. Working with people who love what they do is contagious!

Being valued for our expertise: These individuals also recognize the skills that we as association executives bring to the table. They are the experts in their industry, and we are the experts in helping them achieve their association’s goals. It is unbelievably rewarding to have top level executives value your opinions and empower you to make a strategic recommendation for the advancement of their association, and ultimately, their industry. We are also the gatekeepers of the historical knowledge for the association, and what with the hectic schedules and commitments of most volunteers, it is often impossible to learn it all in a short amount of time. This is where we come in – to support volunteers so that they can do the ‘fun stuff’ and ensure that they find their volunteer experience rewarding.

Making a difference: A major part of association management is the day to day operations, such as membership renewals, website management and member inquiries, and in that respect, customer service is incredibly important. We are on the front line and can make or break a member’s experience. It is also incredibly fulfilling to attend an event (as we typically send our whole team to our clients’ events to build those relationships), and to have a member come personally thank you for all of your support, which in some cases could have been one quick phone call. Most of the time, we leave each day feeling like we have made a measurable impact.

Innovating: Challenging the status quo in search of a better process, presenting creative ideas, staying on top of industry trends, etc. – this is all part of what we bring to the table. There are no bad ideas or stupid questions, and when we find something that works with one association, chances are it will work with another.

Interested in a career in association management? Learn more about VTM and current opportunities here.

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