My First Year at VTM Group

Prior to 2015, I had only read about companies where the culture was as healthy as I’ve found it to be at VTM Group. Throughout the interview process, I was continually impressed with the genuinely positive attitudes I encountered as well as the efficient flow of each interaction. I eagerly counted down the days until I was given the opportunity to join the team.

From day one I saw a community of organized professionals who, although busy, made time for one another while constructively discussing their numerous ongoing projects. From supporting standards-setting organizations (SSOs) to collaborating on a project or organizing an upcoming technical conference, the community in which I found myself placed team performance over self-accomplishment. This was a refreshing realization indeed! As I learned more about our diverse clients and the many ways in which VTM helps them move technology forward I gained a greater appreciation of all the work that must have been invested in the technologies I enjoy every day.

After developing a rhythm with my workload, team responsibilities, and client tasks I started participating in some of the employee-lead workgroups within VTM that help make it one of the best places to work. Two of my favorite workgroups include the Community Outreach Team (which provides food and gifts to over a dozen local families in need around the holidays in addition to volunteering in the community throughout the year) and the Activities Committee (which plans exciting events for employees every month such as our movie nights, Halloween party, BBQs, 5k races, and sporting events)!

In my first year at VTM, I was fortunate to travel both domestically and internationally to support our clients; the picture above is from a 2015 business trip to Israel. Over the past year I also enjoyed participating in VTM’s team sports and spending time with my fellow VTMers outside of work. In fact, this weekend some of us are headed up to Mt. Hood for a backpacking and camping trip! We’re more than just co-workers, we’re friends.

My ideal workplace includes positive attitudes, passionate professionals, constructive feedback, thorough planning, innovation, dependable teammates, diligence, flexibility, creative problem solving and a dedication to efficiency. I have found all of these traits and more during my first year here at VTM. The best part of all is that I am now the “they” who help define our culture and where we grow from here. I look forward to seeing where our journey leads.

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